Saturday, December 17, 2011

My dog had I shopped

Olive finally  had her surgery yesterday, after months of cancellations, it is now complete. She wears a cone  most of the time, and really hates it. Because she is a hunting dog, her nose is pressed to the ground about 80% of the time. This, mixed with the wearing of the cone of shame, can cause some difficulties in this house. A lot of the time her cone gets caught on floor boards, couch corners, chairs, etc. and instead of backing up and trying again, she stands there and waits for someone to help her out and fix her situation. However now we don't need to worry about Olive getting pregnant at the dog park, all though she will probably still pin down the neighbours cat to have her way with it.
cone of shame

resting with her monkey

So while Olive was under the knife, I decided to do a little shopping to see what kind of savings there are this time of year.
On my little outing, I bought 2 bras,yes 2, a pair of skinny jeans, and a cute white knit top, all for $15. I think that was a pretty good deal.
Knit top...FREE

skinny jeans. $5. I really need
to make my bed!

You didn't actually think I would post a picture of my bras
did you? They are really pretty though and only cost $4.99 each!

The other day I was doing some thrift shopping and I stumbled across a pair of grey ankle boots, originally $7 but with my discount, only $3.50, and another pair of gladiator stilettos originally $12, but with my discount only $6. I also got a really nice black and grey wool poncho type thing for only $3.50.
ankle boots: $3.50

Stilettos: $6

Wrap/poncho thing: $3.50

If I were to buy these things brand new/ at regular price ( cause my underwear does not come from a thrift store!) this would roughly be the price:

cute ankle boots: $24.99
really nice stilettos: $35.00 
poncho/wrap thing: $60.00
2 bras: $40
skinny jeans: $36.90
knit top: $34.90
Total: $ 231. 79

note: (If items were not with original price I found similar items at places like walmart, payless, ebay etc. )

So lets review these purchases shall we?
cute ankle boots: $3.50
really nice stilettos: $6
poncho/wrap thing: $3.50
2 bras: $10 (that's together...not each!.. and not cheap quality either, I got them at La Vie En Rose)
skinny jeans: $5
knit top: FREE!

Total:  $28.00   

Total savings: 203.79

Good deal? I think so!

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