Friday, June 22, 2012

Eat In, Take Out.

I finally had a week where I could once again meet with a group of girls for crafting. This week we dicided on making menu boards.
I discovered one while browsing on Pinterest, and decided that I need something like that. I attempted a similar idea once but it merely consisted of pinning magnets to my refrigerator to hold up some recipes. 
The menu board idea howver, is way classier, and adds a splash of colour to the kitchen. ( although this splash of colour is hanging over another splash of colour in my kitchen) 

There are are many ways of going about making a menu board but here is my approach. 
1.I first fastened together two canvases bought at the dollar store using a fine wire. ( this was because I could not find a larger canvas for a little money. 
2. Next I covered the canvas in parchment paper paper and then laid down a strip of pretty paper. this happened to come from a gift bag that I liked)
3. I then added cloths-pins to hold the menu cards which display the meal on the front and the ingredients needed on the back. 
4. I then added three cork pot holders. the top one holds the recipe box for extra recipes, the middle one a whiteboard and the bottom one a cork board to pin notes to to.
5. I added a "title" in the corner, some decals and voila, a menu board. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

A House, a Job and a Sweet Ride

my new sweet ride. 
So it has been 3 weeks now since we have moved into our new house and it has certainly been a busy three weeks!
I had to give up most of my students and now I have to start my tutoring business anew, which is a little bit frustrating as I cannot advertise through the hospital as easily. I have been busy creating a website and making flyers and researching places to advertise. It's a little slow-going so far.

I have been asked a couple of times now why on earth I would move to Brantford as if it;s the most awful place to ever live. And Sure MacLeans tries to ruin cities like Brantford every so often by producing scary and skewed stats about cities but I think many people dislike their hometown just for the sake of disliking it. But, Brantford seems very nice so far. The people that I have met so far are almost overwhelmingly friendly that it almost scares me. My job is only a ten minute bike ride away on my sweet new ride...see pic above. and we have the fantastic Grand River 5 minutes away and the lovely town of Paris  only a ten minute drive. 

 I was able to to take a week and a half off work between my transfer from the flamborough Value village to the Brantford location, which has been a big help. I had an entire week to move things in, organize ( not quite finished) and paint ( also not finished...but over time)
I have finished painting the kitchen which in my opinion when moving into a new ( but slightly older home) is one of the first room that needs to be changed/updated to match your style since it is a room that is used quite often.

here are some before and after of the kitchen: