Thursday, March 29, 2012

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I love the 1950's. I love the style, the era, the everything. I love the dresses, and the aprons and the houses and the hairstyles. In my mind I am living in that era. I can't wait to put a picket fence at the front of our new house and pansies along the footpath.
I started watching Mad Men not too long ago. (Though my husband and I gave up our tv shows for lent so I haven't seen anything since Ash Wednesday on february 13). I have only seen the first maybe 6 episodes and I know it's about advertising, but I care more about the styles of the show rather than the plot...though I do like the show itslef too.
About a year ago I purchased a working condition pressure cooker from the 1950's from Value Village . It came with the manual and in side the manual are great pics.
my pressure cooker
love it!

I also love tea parties. I recently purchased a great tea pot. It had been sitting on the shelf at VV for about 2 weeks. When I first saw it I thought to myself, if it's still there at the end of the week I'll get it. Then I forgot about it. the next week it was still sitting there so I snatched it up. I feel obligated to have a garden tea party with this. Who wants to come?

I also found this great knee length Guess summer dress. Perfect fit, cute sleeves with elastic buttonholes so that the fabric doesn't pinch your arms or bunch the dress when you lift your arms. A collar that you can pop up (I don't even know if that's cool), a great print, and the best part....pockets! Whoever invented pockets in a dress is awesome and deserves a prize.

Not this
something like this would
 be nice
So I have a new project in mind. This will be one of the most challenging projects I will do, and I'm not too sure if I will be successful. Fritz really wants to have a wing back chair in our new house. The thing is I DESPISE the fabrics on almost all wingbacks that I have seen. They all have this "hotel" fabric on them... you know, that beige or blue or burgundy with a shimmery stripes or argyle pattern in it. Ick . So the plan is to find a cheap/free wing back and reupholster it. I have reupholstered an ottoman,and I could do simple chairs like a kitchen chair. But this is going to be quite a challenge as I need to do specific sewing and piping and such. I have watched a bunch of tutorial videos so I feel somewhat confident enough to tackle this challenge.  Anyone have a wing back they'd like to get rid of?

Side story:
Have you ever seen that Fido commercial about how dogs and owners look the same? Whether it's the owners that begin to look like their dogs, pick out dogs that look like themselves or the dogs begin to mimic the owners is anyone's guess. I always thought this to be rather funny. Then I noticed something...

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