Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rockabye baby

This week has been an rather uncomfortable week. Physically that is. I am now just over 30 weeks, and some basic tasks have become rather challenging. For instance, my husband and I were parked in the grocery store parking lot, and before I got out of the car, I realized that my shoe was untied. ( I'm sure you know where this is going) without thinking I leaned forward to tie it up, only to realize that I no longer have the ability to lean forward or tie my shoes while they are on my feet. As Fritz finished tying my laces for me, I motioned to get out of the car ( a challenge on it's own) and I noticed a van full of middle-older aged ladies having a giggle at my situation. This being my first pregnancy, I am learning that many things will be challenging, such a breathing, walking and NOT peeing at the same time. 

This week as a nesting project, I did a small 30 minute project to fancy up my bassinet. I have an old wooden rocking bassinet, a road-side find, that required a bit of tlc. Not so much in terms of sanding, painting or repairs of any kind, in fact it's in perfect condition. It just looked really bare and cold. 
All it really needed, was some fabric and lace for a bumper pad and some bows. I kept it simple, because in reality Hansie will only sleep in it for perhaps 3 months until he moves to his crib in his nursery. 
No I have not yet blogged about the nursery, that will come soon enough though once everything is set up. It's almost done, but I just don't want you to see an unfinished project. There are several  projects in and of themselves in the nursery which I could have blogged about, but I really want to just share the entire room as one thing. 
Back to the bassinet. All I did was cut a strip of quilt insulation, over which I made a sleeve of brown plaid, over which I sewed a sleeve of lace. I sewed some lace ribbon to the ends to tie them together and some at the centres of the long sides to secure it to the bassinet. I weaved the finished product through the corners of the bassinet an then added some large lace bows to the ends of the bassinet and voila! the little rocking crib looks less bare. A simple fix to a naked bassinet. 

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