Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Ergo Abyss

 A friend of ours generously donated her no longer needed Ergo  baby carrier. Three weeks after my son was born, my family wanted to go for a short walk by the river close to my parent's house. What a great opportunity to try out this new carrier. So we strapped the Ergo onto my husband and proceeded to place little Hans inside. it was like he disappeared far down into the abyss of this carrier. It's like those giant purses that some women carry around; you put your wallet in them, you know it's in there but you you can't see it and you'd have to reach quite far in to the bag to find it back. Somewhere in this carrier was my son.
We got home and you tubed the proper way to use the Ergo. It turns out that I needed an insert to properly hold a tiny baby. I went on line to see how much it costs/where to buy the insert for the Ergo baby carrier. Babies R' Us sells the Heart to Heart insert at a website price of $32.99, with tax ...~$37.00 so let's round that to $40. Do I want to pay that? No.
I searched kijiji and found several people selling them for roughly $25. Do I want to pay that? No. So I began to search the world wide web for a de-constructed view of this insert so that I could figure out how to make it myself. My searches seem to have brought up nothing but videos on how to use your Heart to Heart insert with your carrier. Then I hit the jackpot. I tried one last search because giving into just propping a rolled up towel under him ( which apparently will work....but I wanted the insert!). I searched up the measurements of the inserts and lo and behold I cam upon this blogger. I don't know much about her, except that her name is Meryl (assumption) and her blog post solved my carrier problems. Using her instructions and measurements, which were drawn out and explained amazingly, I managed to make my very own Ergo Heart to Heart style insert. The one difference between mine and the real deal is that I don't have the swaddle strap. Hans doesn't like being swaddled to tightly anyhow so it wasn't a necessity. I had all to materials lying around so it didn't even cost me a (extra) penny. If you want to make your own, I recommend checking out Meryl's blog and using her instructions.

The Ergo                                                                              My home made Heart to Heart insert

Here it is all put together, baby and all. HAns No longer disappears into the Ergo abyss. About two minutes after I put him in here, her fell asleep, so we went for a walk around the neighbourhood to check out some garage sales.

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  1. I'm so glad you like my pattern! I have posted some updates and pictures this week. Next week, I'm going to post a video of how I wear my twins using and Ergo and a Moby. I'm linking to you, so people can see your pretty pictures, too.