Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i've been branded

I recently, and by recently I mean a month ago, got a job at the best store in the world...I'm sure you all know my opinion on that. I work at Value Village. Yes there are some VV's out there that could do better when it comes to appearances, But I must say that I work at a pretty amazing one.
I get to be one of the first people to see what comes into the store, and I have to say it's some pretty fancy stuff. Of course there are tacky things in the mix, but that's fun to go through as well.
I think since I have worked there I have seen at least 3 or four brand new lulu lemons go to the floor, amongst some other high brands.
I can't snatch them of the lines though and get first dibs as many people may think. Everything that is sell-able, must go on the floor. However, now that I get 50% of clothing, I can finally afford to buy brand name clothes. I am currently wearing a Hollister sweater and I feel cooler already! I know that many people, including myself say that we don't care about brand names, but I think secretly we all do. I don't mind wearing B.U.M  equipment from walmart (or is it Zellers?) but I do enjoy the higher qualities of high brands too, just not at their ridiculous original over priced costs.  I'm honestly shocked that a name in the back of a pair of pants can make the item costs so much!
Do you ever read through a magazine and sometimes thet compare an outfit on one celebrity and show you how to do the same outfit for less? I always think I can do it for even less. sometimes I am shocked at the prices of the items they suggest. I think they should either fire the person who finds the cheaper out fit and hire me, or they should add a third person to show how you can do the outfit for waaay less.
another cute item I saw was a baby Gap coat. It was pink and brown plaid with fur/fluff on the inside, with these great loop buttons and courderoy hearts to hold the loops in place. The coat was $4.99 so I would have only paid $2.50 for it!
I could not imaging purchasing items like that brand new for an infant. They grow out of it in 2 weeks! Every day I see baby Gap and Baby mexx and baby Tommy Hilfiger, and I think "what is wrong with people?"
 But then I think, "man my kids are going to be stylish!"
 and then I think, "wait a second, I don't have kids, let's go to the women's section and look at savings there!"

I saw this comic in the Spec today in the break room and I thought of my opa and oma:

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