Thursday, January 13, 2011

blue box

Nope. Not the one you put at the end of your driveway every week. Not that one.

Yesterday as I was waiting at the dentist, I was reading a home design magazine. I LOVE these magazines. I see all these beautiful rooms in them with amazing ideas. Every time I flip a page a feel the desire to do the three R's: redecorate or renovate or refurbish .
 R  R  R
Anyways, this is going somewhere. so after the dentist, I drove to work. As I mentioned before I work at Value Village. I love working there because I get to see all the treasures daily and I have amazing hours (11am-3pm...I know awesome hours!). I'm only part time which I like because it gives me time to also do my tutoring after work.   Yesterday as I was rolling out my first rack of clothes, I was taking a peek at the furniture section to see what was all brought out. I don't stop and look, I just glance as I roll by.

There, sitting on top of a coffee table was this light teal wooden crate. I was beautiful! As an employee, we are allowed to purchase items after they have gone out on the floor. But only during our lunch break.... I don't have a lunch break.

I kept my eye on this crate, all day. Every time I rolled by I glance over to make sure it was still there. When I saw customers walk by it I would say a little prayer. When I saw customers pick it up I would pray a little harder. For 4 hours I watched as customers walked by, touched, picked up and admired MY crate. It was a stressful day.  However, all day I thought about the places in my house that I could put this crate, and the ways that I could redecorate my room around the crate.

After 4 hours of rolling racks and fantasizing about rearranging my living room to accompany this crate, my shift came to an end. I signed out, ran out of the staff room to push my way between customer in the furniture section.  I was so worried that someone would  purchase this item just as my shift was over.

Well at the end of the day the crate was mine. And now it stands on it's end beside my couch filled with some books and holding a wedding picture on top.

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