Monday, January 17, 2011

Thaaat's STUPID!

disclosure: the following is merely a rant based on an ugly sweater. all content is merely the opinion of a thrift shopper (not a stingy shopper) you may continue to have your own opinion if you so choose.

Today at work, i was hanging some womens active wear shirts. In the mix was this ugly grey thin fleece hoodie. There was nothing special about it, but it did have an oddly shaped hood. as I was hanging it I caught a glimpse of the price tag and thought to my self.." that has to be a mistake" the sweater cost $17.99!! I put down my handful of sweaters to examine this rag only to discover a teeeeny little lululemon logo. 
This should be Lululemon's ad
I was thinking about this sweater for the last 20 minutes or so, and thus headed to the lululemon website to check it out. I swear I see the same things at walmart. 
I think the world has gone crazy. I mean the stuff there looks mighty nice, and I've examined the clothes in person. But I really don't see the hype.
I could never ever ever spend that much money on a pair of spandex pants and the company should be ashamed of itself, it's just plain rude to ask that much money for spandex. 
I don't really care that other people are buying their stuff. it's their money to spend, but frankly for me,  I think it's money well wasted. I don't mean to sound stingy, but it irritates me that big companies think they can charge so much for an item like spandex pants. I don't really care if its high tech fabric. It's still just a pair of pants. I'll think about buying a pair from a thrift store but never from the retailer. 

Walmart: nice and cheap. I like the blue ones :)

Lulu's: $108... and i am pretty sure walmart carries a pair almost identical  for $17.
according to my calculations you could buy 6 walmart pants for one pair of Lulus. or 2 complete athletic outfits for the price of one of these lulu's. 
108 bucks for pants...pppffft! for 51 bucks you can get an entire outfit. Now that is (somewhat of) a deal. at least its a better deal.
That's my rant, thanks for reading.

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