Friday, January 28, 2011

What's an Accessory to an Accessory Without an Accessory?

I love sewing. I'm not super great at it, I have a somewhat difficult time following patterns, because I don't understand all the terminology that comes in those packages. But I still love to sew, freestyle sewing I guess you can call it. I began sewing when I was around 7 years old. Whenever my mother was hemming or mending or making, I would sit along side, and watch, and do an occasional stitch. Then sometimes when I was left alone, I would get out her sewing machine, hope the thread was in place cause I had no idea how to thread a sewing machine without a GPS, and I would start creating things out of scrap fabric or my old jeans.
this is a talent that comes in handy. For example, lately, I have had this desire to repaint my living room. But then today I realized that I maybe just a change in curtains is needed. so right after work, I headed over to another of my favourites, Ikea, and bought some fabric. I always LOVE the fabrics they have. it's very sturdy and has very fun prints. Occasionally though, I will find a fabric that I love, but then there is one tiny little thing in the print that bothers me. For example, take a look at this print:
why does the rabbit have to have red eyes? and what is that squirrel going to do to that bird?

kitchen curtain
Anyways,I was in Ikea, and then I was stuck in a predicament: do I choose the same fabric as my small kitchen curtains since my living room and kitchen are partially "together" if you know what I mean. So I ended up asking the textiles lady for an opinion, cause I can't make those big decisions on my own. Now if it was a simple yes no answer and either one would look equally as good, I would have simply brought out my yes/no coin and flipped it. But this was a which looks better question and assistance was required.

 As soon as I got home, I cleaned out the dishwasher, and filled it with the dishes on the sink. I was planning to start my curtains right away, but the dishes had to be done first. in two hours, maybe just under, I completed the curtains, and had them hung on the rod, after which I decided an accessory was necessary to bring the curtain colour and print to the other side of the room....
BEFORE (please excuse the
 Christmas tree and the fact
that curtains are pinned up...
it's to prevent curtain fire
from's temporary...
winter only)
AFTER sooo much better!

I love it! look at the bow!!
...So  I decided to make little pillows to match! I know  that many of you are probably thinking " sheeeesh Jelma, don't you have enough pillows??!!"  well don't you worry, I recycled a pair of the ones I already had. I opened them right up and gutted out the stuffing , secretly hoping to find a million bucks or a treasure inside them, but due to a lack of such, continued to place the stuffing into my new pillows. Now what's an accessory, without and accessory? I attached a little bow to each pillow. Now what's an accessory to an accessory without an accessory? I attached a little blue button to each bow. This brings out the blue in my rug.
Total time spent: 4 hours...ish.

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