Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clean Up In Aisle 3!

Growing up I always knew what items in the grocery store were on sale. I knew this not because of tv or radio commercials, nor did I know form flyers. I new things went on sale because our cellar would look like Bulk Barn. I would always see shelves full of instant coffee or honey, or around Christmas time, Brandy Beans. If stores needed to restock, I'm sure they could have called our home.
 I remember a time I went grocery shopping with my mom. (Grocery shopping was something I would take advantage of. I would beg my mom to take me with her because going to town was exciting for me. Anything to get to some civilization and away form the farm for a bit) Anyways, this particular day, Brandy beans went on sale, and in one or two swoops of her arm, the entire shelf was un-stocked and piled into our grocery cart. I can only guess that doing so was cheaper than buying a box of chocolates and a bottle of brandy. And with the freezing temperatures in our house, the brandy was needed to stay warm. My dad always says to put on another sweater, but I think there is a limit to how many sweaters one can wear and remain mobile. 


The point of this short story of mine is that I am turning into
 my mother. Oatmeal Crisp went on sale this week 
and my pantry is full.

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