Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Have a Seat

When I go shopping/browsing, I always seem to be attracted to the things that are not for sale. For example, when I go to Ikea, I browse through the books on the shelves.
The other day (of course by that I mean several weeks, maybe even months ago) I was doing some groceries at the farmer's market downtown. One of the vendors there was selling all sorts of delicious sweet things ,or so I was told...I never really noticed what he was selling because I was more interested in the tables on which he was serving. They were tall pine tables made out of thick boards, like a picnic table. The legs were this really nice, antiquey tealish -green colour and the table top itself was a natural pine colour lacquered. They were beautiful! The vendor told me that he got them at a place called Mr Used.
Well I couldn't resist, and neither could my husband, we hopped in our car (we drive a little Kia Spectra that we call Special K) and went to check out this "Mr Used" place.  (As a warning I must tell you to bring your warmest coat, a scarf and some mittens. even if you think you can handle the cold).
There is sooo much stuff!

  • a life size red power ranger
  • many old pianos
  • a stuffed lion, baboon, and hyena...like  real ones, not plush!
  • old arcade games
  • paintings
  • tools
  • old fair rides
  • lamps
  • all kinds of trinkets 
  • doors
  • sinks
  • a giant cow
  • the tomato from east side marios
  • a 15' roman soldier


and tonnes more!
it was incredible. there was so much to look at and rummage through! Then when we got home I had this terrible feeling, and incomplete feeling, as if something was forgotten... it then dawned upon me that we never went upstairs!  AAAAAHHHH I needed to know what was up there!
so back we went. Not the same day though because that first floor was pretty overwhelming. I tired not to look at the things around me on my way just so I could get to the upstairs as quickly as I could.

Have you ever watched princess diaries 2? you know the scene where she opens up the closet and it's full of jewellery and shiney things? you know that feeling that she (and me and maybe you)  experienced of awe and wonder?

 I opened the door to the second level  and I was standing before room after room of old refurbish-able furniture. Beautiful antiques, some not so beautiful. Chairs and tables, and armoirs and boudoirs, and chests and all sorts of amazing things! that feeling of overwhelm-ment that I experienced on the lower level, you tripled! I didn't know where to go, where to begin. I could browse for days on end!
I ended up finding a set of really nice wooden folding chairs. They have a coat of grey-teal paint on them that has be peeling away, giving them a beautiful rustic look. I plan to cover them with a sealer so that they keep that same look.
my new chairs, not yet sealed
We took the chairs down to cash to see how much they wanted for them. only $15 per piece. A man waiting by the register said he was willing to pay $25 per piece so I quickly paid the cashier the $15.
The $25 man said " that's a good buy you got there. those ain't Ikea chairs you got" when we got home, we inspected the chairs a little closer to find half of and Ikea sticker on the bottom.  I guess they are Ikea chairs after all Mr! but it was still a good chair, because although Ikea no longer makes this specific chair any more, when they did, they sold them for $70 a piece. Good buy? I think so. Now all I need is a nice wood table to match my set of chairs.

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