Saturday, November 12, 2011

All Tied Up

I recently saw some bow ties for sale in some shops. At Le Chateau, they can range roughly from $25 to $50. $25 seems okay for that store...but $50... not cool. Bow ties are making a comeback in all patterns and colours. So I figure, hey, I should start making bow ties. 
The first Prototype that I made I followed a you tube editorial. It was a great place to start. However, the bow part on the pattern was too long, and the neck was not adjustable. so I gave that bow tie to Olive

Then I changed the pattern from the type with the bubble shape to the paddle style. I also made the neck adjustable. I used some fabric from an old dress shirt that I was going to donate, took the hook and eyes from a bra I was about to chuck, and a metal "loop-thingy" from an old pair of suspenders that Fritz didn't like. Of course for the next couple of bow ties I will purchase actual proper parts from a fabric store (maybe). Anyways, I sewed it all together and voila, a bow tie and it actually looks good. At least Fritz says he likes the bow tie.

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