Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best Find EVER! pt II

Alright, so right after that last blog I wrote, I was so excited about starting this project that I began right away. I used a fabric that I had gotten for free from a family friend, which is a very nice printed upholstery fabric . I had just, and I mean just enough fabric with no room for mistakes. I had to remove each panel from the dress form one by one, pinning fabric stretching it and stapling it down make sure to get as little pulling possible, which is rather difficult when your fabric has no stretch whatsoever. I spray painted the stand to give it a fresh look, used some bias tape ( which isn't tape, it's a hemming strip) to finish off the shoulders and tied a ribbon around her waist.. And the pearl necklace adds a nice touch too I think. Best find ever? I think so.


removing each piece
one at a time

adding fabric to each piece

and placing each piece back on

Voila the finished piece
the before once more

The glamorized with light

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