Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When I come home

For the last week and a bit we have been house sitting, manily to take care of my in-laws dog, Kiba. So Olive was there also, and she was entertained during the day, while we were away at work or on outings. Today was the first day in a week or so that Olive was by herself for maybe 5 hours. She has toys, a bed, a warm corn stove to sit in front of and large windows to peek into the park behind our house. We place a self constructed baby gate ( not suitable for kids, but good enough for the dog) so that she can not destroy things in the living room, take down the Christmas tree, eat parts of the Nativity scene, the toilet paper in the bathroom or chew apart our rug/couch/cushions/shoes/ and any thing else that might make its way into her mouth.
This morning, before I left for work I removed an envelope filled with old receipts, coupons and other papery items that was weighing down my purse. I placed it on the centre of the coffee table as I rushed out the door so that I wouldn't be late. 
When I came home today I found Olive greeting me at the door. She had busted down her gate, pulled the envelope off the table, and shred everything in it to bits...including a package of instant oatmeal! there was rolled oats all over the rug, under the rug under the couches, and bits of paper everywhere. 
After I had her all settled down, out the door to play in the back yard, I cleaned up the mess, and invited her back in. 
She looked sad for some time after so I thought I would cheer her up by giving her half a "dentastix" (she normally gets half of one each day) As she was busy enjoying that I went into the kitchen to make myself some lunch, and then in the living room I heard plastic being crunched. Up to no good Olive has three whole dentastix in her mouth...sneaky dog!
Oh and last night we woke up to Olive puking. Sometimes dogs get upset stomachs if their dog food gets switched, but Olive had been eating the same food for quite a while. It turns out she had puked up a part of Kiba's toy. :\

So yeah, the post has nothing to do with Thrifting or DIY projects, but sometimes....okay many times, Olive does things that just needs to be shared. 

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