Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is "sew" cute

What a terribly lame joke. No On e can help themselves from making puns, and yet I'm sure we all shudder at the lameness anytime one is spoken. (And I'm sure many of us secretly laugh on the inside...I know I just did...and I was the one to make the lame joke!)

This past Christmas, instead of regular Christmas cards ( which seem to cost a fortune by the way!) we did the family photo (myself, my husband and our pup). We not only had the photo's taken for the card but we wanted them to be slightly awkward. So I went to the good ol' value village and purchased two really ugly Christmas sweaters and also one for the dog.
Merry Christmas!
Even Olive had an awkward pose!

It took Ollie a while to get used to wearing her ugly Christmas sweater. I put it on her and she wouldn't budge. I even left the room for about 15 minutes and upon my return, she was still standing in the exact position...not a whisker had moved!
I always this it's really cute when dogs ( whether macho bulldogs or fragile little teacup pooches) wear a sweater or a coat. I know many people out there think it's ridiculous. "dogs have fur for a reason" blah blah blah. I know, they technically don't need it, but come on now, it's cute, or sometimes just funny.
So after seeing a really sweet dog at Petsmart, in a little tweed jacket, I went out and bought some fabric. I then went online and looked up free dog coat patterns, printed it out, enlarged in onto newspaper, and cut my fabric using my pattern.
I used two layers of pink jersey and the top layer is a regular cotton blend with a tweed-ish plaid, brown ans fine pink lines.
After I sewed it all together, I decided that it needed a little hood, just because it would jazz it up a little, plus dogs are really cute when they have hoods on their jackets! Lastly I added a heart decal, off centre on the bum end and added buttons to keep it on.

what a good little model she was!


  1. It's not stupid for lots of dogs to wear coats...only long furred ones can actually tolerate longer times in cold weather and if it's a small dog it's gonna freeze in most of Canada anyway. Coats are awesome for doggies. :)

  2. LOVE the doggie coat! If I was crafty (and a sewing machine might help too!!) I would ask you how to make one! How much would you charge for one?? Probably a bit smaller than this one.