Sunday, February 12, 2012

We've got big News!

I bet that at least half if not more clicked on my link expecting to see the words "we're pregnant!". Sorry, but no.  we have other big news:
Several months before our wedding, My then fiance and I were looking for a place to call our own after our wedding. We searched high and low and several times felt like giving up on finding a house and having to rent an apartment instead. However, a month before our wedding we purchased our first house. A quaint cottagey like war home on the Hamilton mountain.  A 729 sq ft home with a spacious backyard, a park in the back. We put work into this house, fixing all the major problems and safety hazards that came with this old home. 
We knew that this would not be a permanent home, probably 5 or 7 years. Almost three years have passed  since this "big" purchase and now we have decided to put our first home up for sale. 

We have been talking for a while about what we would want in our second house, a more permanent house.  and one of the things is one or two more bedrooms and a garage, and a quieter street.  When we looked for these things here in Hamilton, all the houses were either too shabby or our of our budget. So we looked over in Brantford, the next city over. There we found a house with all the features that we are looking for. We have not made the official purchase there yet, as we need to deal with our house on this end. So two nights ago, we had the sign put into our front yard. It was a sad momnet as we didn't think that this time would come so soon, but yet all we can think about is the possibilities and opportunities with the next house ( if we get...knock on wood)

Let me tell you a bit about the "new house" as we call it. the main floor is 1000 sq ft. which is only a tiny bit bigger than ours, however there is more than just a main floor. There is a very spacious loft bedroom which could...if we absolutely had to,  be turned into two rooms. underneath the house is a spacious basement, partially finished with a recroom, storage and laundry facilities, around which we would put up interior walls to create a finished room. In the back yard is a detached garage and underneath it, get this...there is a bomb shelter! how cool is that?? Whats also nice about this place is that not only is the main floor set up in almost the same layout as our current house, but there is a fireplace with a nice mantel in the living room. This house also sits on the corner lot of a dead end street in a quiet neighbourhood and it's only a 20 minute commute to Hamilton so Fritz can keep his job and we can stay at our church

Now let me tell you about the company that is helping us sell our current  home. We are using Comfree to market our place. The come in and take pictures, and advertise the house on their website and magazine and for a small additional price they add it onto  they do not receive commission for this. They receive a payment any where between $300 and $1200 depending on the package you pick. Then you do the appointment bookings, viewings and open houses. They even have a lawyer on their team so that if any legal concerns arise you can utilize him/her a no extra charge. ( this does not include the selling procedures lawyer stuff, though that can be done at a discounted price). If we would have gone with another brokerage, it could cost us upwards of $10,000 in commission, taxes etc. The marketer has a sit down with you and explains everything very clearly. It's a fantastic way to sell your home, and it saves you quite a bit of money. The site is very much like a social network where you can see how many people have viewed your home, how many of those views were by the same person it doesn't tell you who viewed of course)  and there are discussion boards and many other helpful features. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to sell there home to consider comfree.( )

So I will post a link here to our home. If you know anyone who is looking for a great little house close to hospitals, parks, splashpads and pools, then please pass this on.

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