Friday, April 13, 2012


This is the new word that I learned today. It means that it was erased/ no longer exists.  
 I always wonder who's reading my blog. Not that it matters of course. But I see all these different countries from where my readers are reading from and I think to myself: " do I know someone who lives there? So far, looking at just this week, I've got readers from Canada (obviously) US, Switzerland, China, Germany, Austria, UK, Japan and Latvia. There might be more that Blogger doesn't list, but that's pretty cool! I've seen that I have readers in Spain, France, Italy, and so many more places! I think it's awesome that my blog is being read world wide! and I hope it's being enjoyed.
    I went thrift shopping today with an old friend and her daughter whom I don't get to see that often. I found this amazing vintage Canadian made (from a Montreal company c. 1970's and 80's which no longer exists...or it was expunged) blazer, like the boyfriend jacket.  I wanna put some suede elbow pads on it.
Here I am,  my husband took this pic for me
in the middle of his video game

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