Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Official

    We have officially sold our house. Pretty much all the papers are signed. We sold our house through Comfree,  a fantastic private brokerage. They seem to be a relatively new thing, but my experience with them is absolutely fantastic!. Basically you pick from a number of advertising packages and they come and take pics of the house and set you up on their website, advertising for you. You do the rest. So once we had all that set up in only a matter of a couple hours, we were responsible for setting up appointments, doing open houses etc. The best part is that we don't have to pay commission to an agent. I'm sure an agent would have done a decent job but, in my "humble" opinion they don't have experience living in the house they are selling. They don't know all the details of the house or the neighbourhood, they buyers can never know the whole truth about the house before they choose to purchase. Where as with  Comfree , you are speaking to the people who live in the house, who know about the little details, the costs, the neighbourhood and what not.
    So my point here is that I totally recommend  Comfree . Their website is so easy to navigate through , much like a social network. You have total control of the sale of your house, and a bunch of people to help you out just a phone call away. And you save a whole bunch of money by not paying an agent. ( I'd say roughly $5000 for every $100 000 that your            house is selling for).
    We are pretty stoked to move into our new house at the end of this month. But we are also kind of sad to be leaving our first home. But now it is time to move on. I guess the feeling really are mixed about this change. I mean  we put a lot of work into it, and I have done many blog posts about the renos ad updates and yet at the same time, this is like a fresh start, a new house to decorate and many posts to write!
    I have spent so many hours on Pinterest, picking out ideas and colours  for our new house. One of the first things I plan on doing is repainting the cupboards in the kitchen. At the moment, they are a 1993 light blue...as in the colour my mom had in her kitchen in 1993. I will also need to paint the big bedroom downstairs because it is currently a soft lavender....a circa-1997-in-the-bathroom kind of purple. The tiny bedroom has a 1992 wallpaper on it which I don't despise as much as the '92 blue or the '97 lavender, but will eventually have to go.
   The basement for the most part is unfinished with the exception of the rec-room. the laundry facilities are in the basement too, but not in an enclosed room, which is something that I would like to change in the near future.
    And one of my favourite things that I am really looking forward to decorating is the mantle! I think I am going to hang my ugly horse painting above it but I won't really know until I get there.  Either way, I can't wait to start on the new house, doing all the decorating and landscaping! Oh and  I wan't a picket fence!!

Old house. It will be missed. 
New house. I hope to paint the brown trim black and add
some shutters and and a nice red door. And a picket fence!


  1. Hi Jelma,

    Can I just say? You are incredibly awesome and fantastic and a bunch of other phenomenal adjectives for posting this wonderful pseudo-testimonial about the ComFree network! We appreciate the time you took to write this post and are currently doing a happy dance in the office after reading it.

    We pride ourselves on great support and customer service, so we are thrilled that you were pleased.

  2. Ha ha thanks for commenting Rosy. I didn't think that the people at Comfree would ever read my blog...that's great!

  3. I sold too through Comfree, you are so right. Has been fantastic for me too.

  4. Congratulations to you! Have fun in your new home :)

    Comfree has not been so fantastic for me........I have had my listing with them since last fall and I have received a total of 3 calls.......I did all the work....the open houses and nothing......I even have my price below market value.....my home is cozy and modern and on the water. A real dream come true because of the price! The comfree website is not even generating any callers.............maybe this post will help :)

    1. Hi LegalShield Lady,

      Please send me your listing number and I will make sure that someone from our team contacts you immediately.

  5. Hey Jelma,

    I have mixed feelings about you leaving too! And I must say that no matter how great the new house is, you'll never have as awesome of neighbours as you do now :P Actually....it's us who are loosing out for sure! I'm glad you found us some nice people to replace you, but I'm gonna miss just being able to walk over...or even just being able to creep in the windows without feeling like a TOTAL creeper... :) we spy on all the ins and outs at your house :) It's fun....now i'm gonna have to put my curtains back up! :)
    I look forward to being able to help you move and to have a good reason to go to Brantoford...espacially to fill up on gas...oh way...no...to see you guys with the bonus of cheeper gas! :)PS, if you need help painting, let me know! :)