Tuesday, May 8, 2012

High/Low vs Louw

First off, I have an awesome new name for these types of blog entries. They used to be just called High vs Low vs Lowest, but then after my second post my friends, the Tuckey's told me I should call it this instead which I thought was genius because that really is what it is. 
So I saw the latest issue of Style At Home which is one of my favourite magazines especially now that I am preparing to move. Anyways I noticed that it had another High vs Low budget room design articles which is something up my alley 
Now I don't know if this room is from the latest issue, but I do believe it is from a very recent issue

Here is the High Cost room and the items along with their prices:

price: $15,787
SOFA  $4,495,
 END TABLE, $695,
CABINET, $2,245,
RUG , 8' x 10', $3,248, 
THROW in Cream, $295, 
TOSS CUSHION, 20" x 20", $345,
TOSS CUSHION in Saffron, 18" x 18", $637, 
BOX, $125,
TABLE LAMP with taupe shade, $600, 
 DECORATIVE BALLS, 4", $7 each, 
DECORATIVE BALLS, 2", $9 each,
 BOWL, $275 (large)
 BOWL, $75,
 DRAPERY PANEL with Perfect Pleat, $660 per panel,
CUSTOM FRAMING, $525 each, Pi Fine Art.

Here is the Low cost room, the items along with their prices:
price $6,326

SOFA in Coal, $1,799,
 END TABLE, $239
 CABINET, $600,
 RUG in White, 8' x 10', $1,995,
 THROW in White, $59
TOSS CUSHION, 18.5" x 18.5", $79,
 TOSS CUSHION in Grey/Gold, 20" x 20", $135
BOX in Natural, $19 (small),
 TABLE LAMP with taupe cylinder shade, $210
DECORATIVE BALLS, 3", $3 each,
 BOWL, $75 (large)
 BOWL, $22
 DRAPERY PANEL in White, $190 per panel
CUSTOM FRAMING, $239 each, Pi Fine Art.


Here is the" Louw cost room's items
(again, the room is not set up but the items listed above are also listed below. The items may not match exactly or even as closely as the comparison above, but will give the same feel/look to the room)
bowl  $3.50 (ikea)

bowl  $5 (ikea)

basket instead of a box $6  (ikea)

cabinet  40 (kijiji)
I would remove/replace knobs, off-centre

coffee table $20 (kijiji)

couch $250 (kijiji)

white curtains $40 (Ikea)

just the yellow cushion $16 (ikea)

cushion $14 (ikea)

end table $10 (kijiji)
paint this white...who doesn't have white
paint laying around the house?

Ribba frame from Ikea-35
you need 2...so $70

silver based lamp and shade  $10 (Kijiji)

White Rug 8X10 $50 (kijiji)

Throw $40 (ikea) 

(I did not include the silver decorative balls because the price in the LOW room is pretty basic, but I suggest buying some Christmas balls at your local thrift store or wherever and place those in the bowl)

My grand total
$574.50....let's just say $575.

So total differences:

High: $15,787
Low: $6,326
Louw: $575

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