Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty doesn't have to hurt all the time....

Our new house has a very tiny bathroom. That is something that I definitely miss about our old house...the immaculate floor to ceiling ceramic bathroom with a deep bathtub and room for all my girly beauty products and other junk. 
Our new place has a very tiny vanity with wee little drawers and only enough space under the sink for the pipes. And our bathtub...well it's no more than a foot tub. 
So I decided to start looking around for a small beauty vanity to put up in our loft bedroom. That way I can keep all my hair and makeup products and accessories out of the bathroom . 
The real things are quite expensive and fancy looking tables cost a lot even used. So I searched good old Kijiji for a desk or a table or something that can be converted into the very thing I needed. Now silly me forgot to take the before picture and my husband is slightly irritated with me for forgetting that ( he made sure I would tell everyone about that)  so I found this picture of a desk that looked very similar to the "before" desk:
basically the legs and knobs are different but everything else is pretty much the same. You get the point. 

Funny side story. I bought this item from a young woman no older than myself. ( I always need to remind my self to write woman and not girl) and she gave me her address which is 10 minutes from my place. and about half way to the town I turn on the GPS to help me get to the exact location and surprise surprise the GPS does not recognize the street. Good thing I'm a woman and willing to ask for directions! I go to a chocolate shop and ask the young girls where this street is and neither of them have ever heard of it. Now having the fairly intelligent mind that I have, I ask the girl if there are any new subdivisions built in the town and low and behold there was and after some extra phone calls and guidance from home, we found the new subdivision and the street. 

So I took the desk home, painted it antique white, did some sanding and what not, spray painted the handles black and voila: I have a beauty hutch/vanity thing
Of course I accessorized it too: mirror ( refinished to a glossy black), old rotary phone, hand held mirror and a black storage ottoman with fancy feet, all found at the same flea market, an old soap dish for some bobby pins, rings, etc., my mannequin refurbished (see post from the past) and a lamp...probably from Walmart but I will most likely replace it with something else seeing that this lamp belongs beside my bedside
Now I just need to make a little spot for some necklaces and earrings and such. but that will have to be another project. 

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  1. I have seen some pretty wonderful ideas for necklace hanging on pinterest!! Just saying :) Great job once again my friend!! - Ariane