Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Writing Outside of the Box

So this post is not what I would normally write about, but it's important to share this.  A little over 4 years ago I got married, and had 4 girls stand by my side as I said my vows. Well technically I had 5. You see my friend Lyn who is a childhood friend of mine was pregnant during my engagement, and I knew the risk of asking her to be my bridesmaid could end up in her not being able to make it to my weddingbut I did ask her anyway. Lo and behold, Lyn went into labour shortly before my wedding. The problem was that this was also several weeks before she was actually supposed to have her baby. Lyn's premature infant daughter Ayla had to be hospitalized for several weeks and hence was unable to even attend my wedding, though she supported me all through the engagement and helped with my bridal shower, went to my engagement party and did everything that a bridesmaid could do
Ayla was in the hospital in London, Ontario, several km away from home. Driving back and forth is not something a new mother of a premie is wanting to do. Fortunately London (amongst a couple other cities) has a Ronald McDonald House. This place has supported my friend Lyn so that she could focus on her daughter, Ayla as she grew stronger and healthier.
Now Lyn is doing something amazing to show her support and gratitude for the London RMH. She is going to do a run to support this amazing place. She will be running from the RMH in London, ON, to the McDonald's in Listowel, ON. That's a whopping 108 km!!!

She recently asked if I would help her with advertising her run so that others will support her in this feat. I think it's absolutely amazing what she is doing. So I made some posters which can be found around various areas in Southern Ontario as several friends have been spreading the news

you should all check out the facebook page  where you can find links to support her run/ the RMH and where you can read Lyn's story.
Or check out the RMH webpage to see what they are all about.
But most importantly Support Lyn, support Ayla and Support the RMH. The poster will tell you how.

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