Monday, November 4, 2013


Every year, Burford,Ontario holds a town wide garage sale. I found this chair for $20 and my husband bartered it down to $13. I am terrible at bartering. if it had been me bartering for this item, I would have ended up paying more than the offered price! But for $13 this is an amazing buy. Both my husband and I wanted a rocking chair, but I never wanted one of those typical know which ones I'm talking about. Then I found this and got it for very little. All it needed was a little TLC. 
I purchased some fabric at Ikea, some tacks at Walmart and some new staples for my staple gun at Home Depot. I mixed some old paint colours (pewter grey and a greenish teal). I started painting the chair and then came across a smallish problem. thepaint was covering fine on the entire chair except for one arm.... this red colour kept bleeding through...I swear I put like 20 coats of paint on that arm before it stopped bleeding through. I should have used a special oil primer first I guess but I got the job done and that's what's important...maybe.

Anyhow  I stripped the chair of the existing fabric,but kept the original padding, weaved some fabric for the back and this is the finished product. the tacks at the top are not quite symmetrical which is a little irritating but those darn things are so difficult to tack in without destroying each and everyone of them . 

I have also been busy working on somebaby/nursing gear for Simply Yellouw Designs.Those can be found here

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