Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SYD diapers and a kid who farts... a lot.

Many of you know that I have my little basement run business, Simply Yellouw Designs, where I make baby gear.. mostly nursing shawls and diapers, the occasional carrier and an attempt a booties. Over the holidays I finally made a diaper cover ( which could also be made as a pocket, I'm just a littler preferential towards covers). I also make upcycled inserts to go with my covers.

Recently on my facebook site, I posted a video showing how my diapers work. What I did was combine the features of existing designs that work well for my little guy.

if you are interested in my diapers, or nursing shawls, or if you have a request to have something made, I love to up cycle materials and maybe I can help you out!

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  1. Brilliant! What an inventive and energetic lady! Well done.