Monday, July 4, 2011

Le Doors and anti-hooligan gates

There are people from over 17 different countries reading my blog! Neato!

"Le doors"
So last post I mentioned that I would post some pics of some projects I/we were working on. The first one was the french doors. We had an office in our house which could potentially be a second bedroom. we have a day bed in there at the moment but without doors it's not very private. So my dad made small french doors that swing both ways that we could put in our doorway. I had to have them made because this particular door way, like our appliances are much smaller than the standard size.
I went to Ikea to pick up fabric to make curtains for them, since they have plexi-glass panels. So i got to the store and they have an entire roll, brand new still in the plastic in stock. I needed the same fabric that I have on my living room curtains. Anyways I am looking at the hanging sample of the fabric I need and as I was calculating how much I need, this lady takes the entire roll and puts it in her cart! Who needs the entire roll?? They were even chatting about making shower curtains while taking the fabric....umm you can't use that material for shower curtains! helloo??!! I had to come back the next week to get my fabric. Now we have a second bedroom so guests can have a private space...until we have kids, then that will become the nursery.

(bragging rights to the first person who can tell me what major thing I changed in my living room. and no its not the pillows. you might need to check other blog entries to figure it out.)

the anti-hooligan gate
The second project was the baby gate. Okay to be honest with you, we haven't completely finished this project. The idea was to make a gate out of shoe racks and hinge it to the door way to prevent Olive from running onto the streets like the hooligan that she is. The gate itself is together but  it hasn't been mounted yet as we have also been using it in other door ways. So for now it is just a blockade. either way I save a tonne of money on a real baby gate. Don't have a hairy kanipshun  now! I know that you are all thinking that I would use this as an actual baby gate but I wont. Relax. it's just for the dog.

I painted the shutters on our house. Did I mention that already? or did I say I was going to? Anyways I did. I painted them. they used to be a light/faded gray. They are now black. I also freshened up the mailbox and the lamp, and added two flower pots to balance out the black shutters since my other window doesn't have any. It really made the house "pop".

new flower boxes

I've also been busy with a bit of gardening. We expanded our vegetable garden. This year we are growing corn ( way more that we planned, infact it's so much I might debate borrowing the harvester from my parents! Okay that might be a bit too excessive.), cauliflower, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, beets ( but I don't think they will survive) green beans ( Which my husband swears are not green beens, but they are). We are growing some other things too but I can't think of them. Oooh and we have raspberries and blackberries , but they are small plants still so we wont see any this year i don't think.

My "rock" garden

Hens and Chicks
our rose a 1 yr anniversary
gift from my in laws
front garden
our vegetable garden.
 Twice as big as last year!
That's it so far I think. At least until a new project comes along or another price tag enrages me.

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