Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That is an inappropriate donation!

Today I was working in the donations room where we also sort books. While I am not accepting donations, I take a bag or box presumably full of books, sort them according to condition and separate the movies, Cd's and books. Sometime working in the thrifting field has it's challenges.

As I was grabbing a bag from a bin to sort through, the bag hit my leg and began to vibrate!!! of course we don't always think much of this as often we get battery operated nick knacks and singing Santas and such. However this was a different type of toy. I am ashamed to even tell you what it is. But I am sure by now you have all guessed what was in the bag. As a clue, this is not the type of toy that you buy at Toys R' Us. okay fine I'll say it. it was a freaken dildo!!!!! (and other related items). EEW! who donates that? there was also some money in the bag...probably apology money.

Apology not accepted.


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  1. I think I should add that this item did not go onto the sales floor!