Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barney Pelt Chair.

I own this Chair. It's not like any other chair I have ever sat in. This chair was a worthless piece of garbage out of which I rummaged it. When my old roommate from University and I would bring the garbage down from our apartment, we would wait until no one is looking and take a quick peak in the dumpster.Yes I pick though garbage....but not gross garbage but bigger garbage...I think I just made myself sound very gross to many people.

 <--this kind

                                              not this kind---->
 My husband and I have made many visits to furniture stores looking for living room furniture (of course we skip the new items and go straight to the "as-is" section in the back, making sure not to make eye-contact with the sales people as we run by) but not chair there, new or as-is sits as comfortably as this one. It is a wide-ish arm chair that is so plush, it's like sitting in a pile of pillows. Everyone agrees that it is indeed very comfortable. What my husband likes least about the chair is that it is covered in this very purple faux suede fabric...the same colour as Barney... I'm sure everyone knows Barney the purple dinosaur...what a creeper he was/is.....is he still on TV? anyways like most of the things I own, there is of course a thrifty story to go with it too.

Before I got married, I went to University to get my self a good education....I majored in art...a real career oriented major! but don't worry I also have a teaching degree....which I am currently  not using either. Anyways while at University I roomed with 7 other girls for 4 years, one of whom lived in the same house as me for all 4 and then in our fifth and final year we moved off campus together and rented a 17th floor apartment right downtown.

Now 5 years of university can get very expensive as many of you probably know. 5 years times 17 thousand dollars per year....you do the math. I know that some Universities are more costly than that, but I felt very poor so my thrifty nature was working at it's best.. as it still does.
Anyways while my roommate, jeannine, (Hi jeannine!)  and I were walking home from church in our heals and  Sunday best ( we walked to a closer one since we couldn't get a ride to our regular church), we noticed this bright purple chair sitting on the side of the road. Somebody was actually getting rid of this incredible chair!
The two of us together picked up this this and carried it to our apartment building in our heels and skirts...it just and I mean just, fit through the elevator doors.  and we managed to squeeze it through our apartment door as well. I think it would be silly if they made chairs that don't fit through spaces as such.
I think we may have even discussed a schedule for who gets to sit in the purple chair and when. The other person has to sit on the futon...which was not as comfortable by a million miles! We made sure to clean every inch of the chair as it did have quite a bit of cat hair on it...but other than a little bit of wearing, this chair was in fabulous condition. sometimes we would both sit in the chair because it was so comfortable and neither of us wanted to sit on the futon. one person would sit on the seat of it and the other on the arm rests or the back rest. Seriously you could sit on every part of this chair or even sprawl across and fall asleep on it.My room mate and I practically turned into house cats because of this chair.
Eventually the time came when I was going to get married and move out of the apartment, and my room mate would move back to Ottawa.... side story......
This is pretty cool. It's a garbage can made out of
coiled magazine pages. Not mine...but I want to
attempt this one..someday
we watched all 10 seasons of Friends that year and the episode were watching during the last month together was the one where Monica was telling Rachel that she was getting married and that they would no longer be living together....we sobbed like babies during that episode
The decision was that I would take the chair because I wasn't moving that far away from the apartment and it would be easier for me to transport it. We now have an agreement that if anything tragic resulting in death would happen to me...Jeannine gets the chair.
I could never get rid of it. I didn't know what the previous owners were thinking...or maybe they never intended to get rid of it...maybe I accidentally stole a chair from someone who just happened to put it down at the side of the street. Or maybe... and more likely, the chair belonged to someone just like me...a young woman who's ...(whose?...I never figured out that grammar rule...someone needs to explain that one to me) husband really wanted her to get rid of the chair.
It's funny how we attach ourselves to objects... I'm not a very sentimental person...but that chair is just so darn comfortable, and I think the colour is great! Things are always better when they are free...or at least very cheap.

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  1. I am most definitely sentimental when it comes to this particular purple chair! So sentimental that I think you should put it in your will that the chair comes to me should anything happen. Make it official and such things. Man, I miss that chair...and Friends....and you!!!

    (Also, "Who's" is like saying "Who is" and "Whose" is possessive...get it? got it? good)