Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gathering nuts

I tend to be a snoop
At the beginning of the summer, my husband and I were making a meal together that required green onions. you buy a bundle of them from Fortinos for $1. I think they may have been on sale that week unless they are usually that cheap. we cut up the green onions and we were left with the bottom little stumps, the parts you don't really want to eat. Then we thought to our selves.....if we plant these, do you think they will grow back? so I grabbed the bundle, filled one of those plastic flower pots ( you know the ones your plants come in when you buy them? those ones)  with soil from the garden and I jabbed them into the dirt. and a week later we had new green onions. I thought we should find the receipt and return them to the grocery store, but instead we transplanted them into our teeny tiny vegetable garden. so the whole summer and part of the fall we have been eating the same green onions over and over and over. The remainder of them is still in the garden... maybe they will come back again next year.
I just peeked out the window to look at them and it turns out they are ready for one more picking/harvesting.
Speaking of harvesting,
last week, we were cleaning out the back yard, raking leaves, taking dead plants out of the garden, turning the soil and all that stuff. I planted marigolds from seed this past spring. I bought the package of seeds at the grocery store but there are such few seeds in those packages. So as I am pulling the dead marigolds out I pull of one of the flower heads. It was all dead and crispy, so the curious person I am I open it up to see what it looks like inside. Do you know how many seeds there are in one of those flower heads?
My husband, Fritz, at this time was raking the leaves and I noticed that he had raked up 2 or 3 of the marigolds I started pulling out of the garden. I immediately stopped him, dug through the pile of leaves and rescued all the marigolds I could find in the pile.
This is also a good description of me,
sorting and storing
He stopped and just stared at me only to exclaim "you really are a squirrel" He's been claiming this for quite some months now that I remind him of a squirrel. I deny this every time. I'm not a squirrel. Have you ever heard a squirrel? They make this chittery noise and they are snooping through your yard and move nervously around afraid that someone might hear them. Well, the other day I realized that I had been talking to myself for almost 15 minutes...not just in my head but actually whispering to  myself and laughing at the things I was saying....I then realized that I am indeed very much like a squirrel.
This is me, about 5 times per day ; probably
why I talk so much to myself

I ended up picking every marigold flower off the stem, opening it up and dumping the seeds into a container. I  now have a margarine container full  of marigold seeds. It's all probably worth about 30 seed packages.

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  1. Im starting to worry about you, Jelma. I may need to come visit again to relieve the beginning of your insanity?