Monday, November 15, 2010

I live in Buckingham Palace

 I recently..and by recently I mean a year and a half ago, got married. Before the big day my then fiance and I were searching for places to live. We pondered the idea of renting an apartment, but the idea of spending up to 1000 per month  on rent, with the money not being invested into anything seemed not for us. So we began our search for a house. We searched high and low, got outbid on one house, and we were about to give up when we found this tiny little cottage-like home. The old lady who lived here first had passed away and her relatives were desperate to get this house off their hands. Before the keys were placed in our hands though, many'a papers had to be signed. During this process, we discovered that the previous owner never had the house put under her name. The name that was on the document was indeed that of His majesty the King of England. This is all true. The paper work had to be stopped and sent off to Ottawa for proper authorization so that we could actually transfer the names. My hose is an old war home that sits on property once owned by the King...not anymore of course, but my parents dubbed the house to be the castle of their princess....I know...cute. 
 We ended up getting the house for 20% less of the selling price.This of course doesn't  seem like a good deal in a retail store (or maybe that's just my opinion) but when it comes to a house...well that's a lot of saving! Inside the house was a lot of things that the lady left behind...couches, chairs, cabinets, fake fruit and birds, ugly paintings, horrible carpet, poorly constructed cabinets and the list goes on. Most of it went to value second home, or the dump. But there were a few key items that we kept, like this 9-cubby shelf thing, dressers which of course I refurbished...but that's another post. 
Since we bought the house, we have renovated quite a large part of it. the chimney is gone, carpets torn out, new bathroom, walls knocked out, re-insulated new floors, newish kitchen. The best part is that we only had to pay for material. My dad is like a jack of all trades. He's fixed my cars, fixed my house and fixed my mistakes...I guess I'm a bit of a daddy's girl.

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