Monday, November 15, 2010

The truth is out there

These are my confessions of thriftiness. I have had several people astonished at my level of thriftiness that I thought I would start a blog about my endeavors. But first I must explain what I have already done so that my future actions make sense.
I'm dutch. We are known to be careful with our money but will spend it on quality items. I however will only spend small amounts of it on quality items by use of coupons, sale days and careful planning. My grandparents were the same way as I. They would buy new sweaters, neatly fold them and place them on the shelves, and then wear their old ones until the moths have eaten every last thread. Then they will bring out the new ones. Now why wouldn't they wait until the old ones were completely worn through? I assume the new sweaters were on sale at the time of purchase. I have followed in their thrifty foot steps.
every two months usually the third Monday, there is a big sale at value village in which you get 50% off certain items... I make sure that I don't plan anything for these days. these are my treasure hunting days. However, it gets even better...or worse...depending on your perspective of my thriftiness, I go to value village the night before, select the items I want and hide them, or strategically place them in specific areas of the store. then  I go in the next day, grab the things I picked out and get out before the rest of mob comes in. Today however, I am late so I will need to post again later. as for now.."I'm off ta git me sum treasurrre ARRRRR matey !"

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