Sunday, November 21, 2010

I can see clearly now

When I was in grade 10, I went for my very first eye test. This might be shocking to people who have seen the eye doctor every year since they can remember for regular check ups. I don't even see a doctor for regular check ups. However, this particular time I went because I realized that I was having a difficult time seeing the words written on black boards. and since I would be in school for the next 9 years still, I thought it might be wise to have my eyes checked.

The worst parts of going to the eye doctor in my opinion are 1. when they make you stare at the tiny tractor in the field and then they blast air into you eye. and 2. when the doc gets super close...I get the giggles and then I feel silly.
I found out that day that yes I did need glasses. My vision was not and still is not that terrible. I can see with out my glasses but things are not very crisp. If I were to look at a forest I would not see individual leaves. What a person with regular vision sees at 20 metres, I would be able to see at 17 metres. At least that's how my optometrist explained it to me.
That day I picked out my very first set of frames. as I searched through the racks of frames I found some pretty cool trendy ones. But my mom who usually has some very wise advice, told me not to pick thick frames because it is only a trend and it will be out in a year. So of course I was a little upset, but she's right it's probably just a fad. so I picked out these regular old boring metal frames. it's now been 10 years, and thick frames are still trendy.
I have gone through several glasses since, and had my eyes checked on a regular basis...sort of.
about three years ago I noticed that I was starting to see things less crisp even with my glasses on. So I found a local optometrist and had my eyes checked. I explained to the lady that I am having trouble seeing. after my appointment she told me that I have 20/20 vision! how can that be? I came here because I was seeing worse! I have now been told that by two different optometrists! I continue to wear my glasses because despite having this so called perfect vision, I can't read road signs until I am pretty much parked on top of them.
I think the eye people need to invent something that allows them to see what you are seeing. That would be a great invention.
These glasses cost a lot of money. those of you who have them know what I am talking about. being married to someone with vision problems doubles the cost. You are probably thinking by now " what does this have to do with being thrifty?"
well people, I'm about to tell you something that will change your lives.! (I just thought of Dr. Quinn, Medicine woman as I typed that. Anyone else used to watch that? what a good show)
Recently Fritz and I stumbled upon a website called . here you will find tonnes of frame selections. We both purchased $8.00 and $9.00 frames (yes that is soooooo cheap I know!) then we added anti-glare to each set for $3.99, because if I don't have that then I see my own eyeballs in the reflection...and let me tell I look very special when I do that. shipping to Canada costs $9.99.
Altogether we paid $35.00 for both pairs, including shipping and handling!!!!!!! And to make it better, they were delivered with in a week!!!!
You are probably being pessimistic now saying yeah but they probably din't work that well. But they do I see fine, and Fritz has a astigmatism thing ( I hope that's right) and he sees fine too. The only thing is you don't get designed frames. But honestly who cares about that! I sure don't so I'm sorry if you purchased designers to impress me.
Seriously though I never ask if your glasses are designer, I don't even look to see. I purchased my other glasses at Walmart. But that was before I discovered Zennioptical. Now I will never purchase in store again!

okay funny story about my Walmart glasses. I really do like them, they are a thick frame plastic pair, and when I don't wear them , I had a habit of hooking them onto the zipper of my jacket or sweater. Every time I do this though they fall off, and usually I don't notice. So one day we were helping a friend move when I guess my glasses fell off my zipper and our friend stepped on them. Now unlike metal frames, plastic ones are officially kaput when this happens.
So off I went to Walmart to explain to the optician what happened. He gave me the strangest look when I explained that they were hanging on my zipper prior to falling and being stomped on. Turns out he thought the entire time that I hung them off my fly. I know I do strange things but c'mon really? would I really hang my glasses off the fly of my pants?

Any ways I highly recommend this website for purchasing your eye wear. You can even upload your picture to see if the frames would suit you. Of course the image is not very's like those hairstyle websites where you can try different haircuts, but it looks fake yet you can still get an idea.
just set up an account, choose some frames, fill in your prescription, add some extras such as anti glare, transitions  etc. you can even purchase prescription sunglasses, and get your self some new glasses for as little as $16.00 it's the shipping to Canada that is so expensive. If you live outside of Canada, it may even cost less for you!!
Maybe some of you feel skeptical about this whole purchasing prescription eye wear online and that's fine. You have my permission to continue paying hundreds of dollars or letting your insurance companies pay for them. But for those not covered, You should really check it out

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